Clients and End-Users

Our products are designed to house a variety of Facilities Management & Operations documents as well as Disaster Recovery and Emergency Procedures Documents which are all critical to the successful operation to any building. It is important for clients and end users to understand that there is another important component when developing a documentation process, which is to develop a document storage holder plan.

It is important to develop your operational and critical recovery documentation plans and procedures and then you need to implement a document storage plan. It is critical to have your facilities operations, disaster recovery and emergency procedures documentation available on site for the support technicians in order to recover the site or system as quickly and safely as possible. Far too often owners have spent thousands of dollars on developing emergency procedures only to see their investment fall short during a crisis or even for day to day activities. Lost or misplaced documentation can bring a recovery process to its knees and could be easily avoided when you adopt a “document storage plan”.

DisplayIT solutions have designed a three part “document storage plan” based on our customers needs, which we believe will ensure all your documents are “where you need them, when you need them”. Our holders have been designed to house any type of flat media (such as; as-built’s or single line drawings, emergency exit and procedures, 7 x 24 escalation procedures or any type of information you may require), rolled drawings (from full sets of construction, as-built or shop drawings to specific systems or network drawings) and manuals (such as; disaster recovery, emergency procedures, facilities operations, support contracts, or specifications).

Our products have been designed from the highest quality materials and expertly finished by skilled tradesman to ensure they last the test of time. We also do custom design work to meet our clients growing needs, so if you don’t see what you need let us design something specifically for you.