Architects & Interior Designers

Our products can be used for most types of required messaging and notification throughout a building as well as emergency building procedures and building exit requirements. We also custom design products to meet you’re needs and those of your clients.

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Consulting Engineers

We provide ALL your document storage holder needs for; drawings, documentation & procedures. Also available is our specifications which can be downloaded and added to your Tender documents.

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General Contractors and Sub-Contractors

All of our document storage holders come complete with mounting hardware, are easy to install and can be purchased through a local distributor.

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Building Owners and Property Managers

Our custom document storage holders have been designed to meet the needs of the building owner and the physical restraints of a building. If our document holders do not meet your requirements, we will design something that will.

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Clients and End Users

It is important to ensure ALL your required documentation is on-site and available during an outage, system failure, disaster or emergency situation. Without it you can lose valuable time, money or even more during an event. Protect your investment, your employees and your clients.

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I would like take this opportunity to thank Displayit in coming up with a design that is unique and more than meets our requirements as an as-built document holder. The single sided holder was our answer to easily access our drawings while saving valuable time and expense. This unique holder enables the contractors or branch managers to either easily access the drawings when needed or have the all important drawings up and visible where we need them.

Displayit worked well with the Banks schedule in getting the holders delivered and installed on time and within budget.

Henry J. Mulhall,
Communications Facilities Manager,
Facilities Engineering
Corporate Real Estate
BMO Financial Group