DisplayIT Solutions

DisplayIT Solutions is a Canadian owned and operated company, manufacturing a one of a kind product in Canada. We design and manufacture documentation storage holders for the construction and operation of intelligent buildings, including integrated automated systems and disaster recovery processes.

Our products are designed to house a variety of Facilities Management & Operations documents as well as disaster recovery and emergency procedures documents for "Flat media" (such as, as-built drawings, 7 x 24 emergency exit procedures and contact information, etc.), "Rolled Drawings" (for construction, as-built or shop drawings, IT infrastructure or disaster recovery drawings, etc.) and "Manual documents" (for disaster recovery, facilities systems & operations, IT integrated systems, etc.).

We design and manufacture our document holders to meet the needs of our clients and the physical restraints of the building envelop. Our products are non discipline specific and can be used for, electrical power systems, data & voice infrastructure, security systems, fire alarm systems, emergency building systems and more. Our products can be securely installed on any surface and can be locked if required for authorized document access only.

Our products can be purchased through a number of communications or electrical distributors, please refer to the “Contact Page” to contact us for the closest distributor or sales representative in your area. Our products have been installed across Canada and in the United States by certified contractors and are included in the specifications of a number of Consultants across the Country.

Our products are also included as part of the corporate standards of some of Canada's largest financial institutions. Our products can be found in most of Canada's major banks, as well as in schools, hospitals, casinos, insurance companies, police stations, computer centres, convention centres, telecommunications companies and more.


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We have installed DisplayIT Solutions drawing tube holders in over 300 Harris Bank branches across the Chicagoland area over the last few years. We have found them to be both responsive and professional when it comes to their on time delivery and the quality of products. We look forward to working with them on future projects and would highly recommend them to our other clients.

Paul Demink
Project Manager
Rex Electric, INC. & Technologies